USB adapter USBAD

The USB adapter USBAD is used for the communica­tion between a data logger DL16CAN and a PC. One side is connected with the parallel interface of the DL16CAN, and the other side is connected with a USB 2.0 port of a PC. The USBAD is recognized as a media­less mass storage device by a PC.

The RS232 connector is used for updating the firmware, and for the serial communication with a DL16CAN or signal converter SICO2.

Note: If the USBAD is not displayed in TEMES after a TEMES 1.0.35 or newer update, then the service TE_SPTI.EXE might be deactivated. This service can be activated again by deinstalling TEMES, followed by a computer restart, and followed by an installation of TEMES.

Additional Downloads

The command line program USBTEST.EXE can be used to test a USBAD connection.