TEMES V1.0.94 Requirements ============ - Operating System: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Visa/XP (x86 or x64 Edition) - Free hard disk space: at least 1300 MiB (about 400 MiB are allocated by TEMES after installation) - An installed printer driver - Optional: Adobe Acrobat Reader ( http://adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html ) - Optional: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (for Windows 7/Vista/XP) ( https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17718 ) - Optional: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Full Language Pack (German) (for Windows 7/Vista/XP) ( https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/download/details.aspx?id=3324 ) - Recommended: at least 8 GiB RAM (despite only up to 2-4 GiB are used by TEMES 1.0 since TEMES 1.0 is a 32-bit application) - Recommended: monitor resolution at least 800 x 600 V1.0.94 ======= - New: Integration of TIL_TMS.DLL into TEMES (Tools > Convert Files > TEMES to ... format). - New: Support for a slower analog signal averaging to allow very slow sample rates (BaseFrequencyDivisor). - New: Support for analog signals without averaging (RawMask). - New: Support for an automatic export of measurements. V1.0.93 ======= - New: Support for a checksum of SICOLOG configurations. - New: Repair of a corrupt TEMES measurement. - Modified: The checkboxes "Eject mass storage..." are now always checked by default. V1.0.92 ======= - New: Optional additional extended logging of start and stop events. V1.0.91 ======= - Modified: Support for additional stream bytes in the measurement data which were introduced in SICOLOG V1.0.44. These additional stream bytes are recognized as unexpected stream error bytes in previous TEMES versions. Hence, if the new extended logging features of SICOLOG V1.0.44 or better are used, it is strongly recommended to also install TEMES V1.0.91 or better. V1.0.90 ======= - New: Maintenance of an odometer (for SICOLOG/USBDL1). - New: Storing of the device number in a measurement variable for SICOLOG/USBDL1 V1.0.44 or newer. - Bugfix: The corresponding GPS AutoCalc signals are no longer evaluated if their names are empty. - Bugfix: The storage from mass media is more robust for SICOLOG/USBDL1 (and can now handle all unexpected bytes). V1.0.89a ======== - Bugfix: The calculation module "firlp.dll" produced a zero line for the remaining part of a long measurement. This issue is now fixed. V1.0.89 ======= - New: Experimental and rudimentary support for XCP V1.1 and CCP V2.1 on CAN (Internal tests have been passed but external tests with physical XCP/CCP devices are still pending). - New: Display TEMES directories. - New: TEMES creates now the CAN and Calc subdirectories if they do not exist. - New: vTEMES uses now the TEMES directory if it is found in the same path as the executable vTEMES file. - Modified: The GPS AutoCalc function is also executed for "GpsSpeed" and "GpsSpeedInt" (in place of POS_Speed). - Modified: The Analog Input Info tab and Clutch Events tab have been removed (due to resource limitations). - Bugfix: The CAN-Editor import of DBC files works now correctly for multiplexed signals. - Bugfix: The script functions "strtrim" and "strrtrim" work now correctly even for one letter strings. V1.0.88 ======= - New: Additional GPS parameter "GpsSpdMsgCompareTicks". - New: Additional parameter to mirror the User LED onto a digital channel. - Modified: The GPS signal "POS_Time" for SICOLOG/SICO3/SICO3M/USBDL1 was changed from scaling factor 1800 h/bit to 1/1800 h/bit. V1.0.87 ======= - New: Support for additional option for frequency input signals (-> frequency divider). - New: Initialization of an USB stick (SICOLOG/USBDL1) via menu item Tools > Additional Tools > Hardware > Initialize USB stick (SICOLOG/USBDL1) V1.0.86.0 ========= - New: Support for signal converter SICO3M. V1.0.85.0 ========= - New: Optional real time clock synchronization with GPS. V1.0.84.0 ========= - Modified: Update of the preview version of "TEMES View". V1.0.83.0 ========= - New: Integration of a preview version of "TEMES View". V1.0.82.0 ========= - New: Optional automatic file name generation for SICOLOG/USBDL1 measurements. V1.0.81.0 ========= - New: Synchronization of a recording for multiple SICOLOGs/USBDL1s. V1.0.80.0 ========= - Bugfix: Backward compatibility with SICOLOG/SICO3 V1.0.26 or older restored for TEMES V1.0.71 or newer (The new CAN FD functions had also been used for the CAN node instead of the CAN FD node only for CAN signals which require bit masking. This was no problem for SICOLOG/SICO3 V1.0.27 or newer, or for aligned 8-bit/16-bit/32-bit CAN signals). V1.0.79.0 ========= - New: Changed digital output default values for SICOLOG/SICO3/USBDL1. - New: Additional CAN signal data type (float) for a scanned CAN only. V1.0.78.0 ========= - New: Support for CAN scan mode for SICOLOG/USBDL1. V1.0.77.0 ========= - New: Additional signed GPS signals GpsSlopeAngle/GpsSlopeAngleInt for SICOLOG/SICO3/USBDL1. - New: New menu item "Tools" > "Reset Diagram" to start the diagram view again from the beginning. - New: Automatic default signal delay for the GPS signals in the diagram view (when starting the diagram view from the beginning). - Bugfix: The timestamps are now painted correctly at the right place when the first signal after the time signal was delayed. Also the timestamp at the current cursor position is now correctly calculated for delayed signals. - Bugfix: A problem with Non-ASCII characters in signal/message names for the SICOLOG/SICO3/USBDL1 has been fixed. This problem affected mostly users with signal/message names in the device comment (e.g. for the external display ED12). V1.0.76.0 ========= - Modified: The CAN sample point/listen only mode for SICOLOG/SICO3/USBDL1 can now also be entered again via the device comment. - Modified: Set stored directories to the TEMES data directory when they no longer exist. - Bugfix: The first argument of external application calls is now placed in double quotes. V1.0.75.0 ========= - New: Additional GPS signal GpsSlopeAngleInt for SICOLOG/SICO3/USBDL1. - New: The menu item "SICOLOG/SICO3 configurations" has now an option to ignore the NEXT/INS (= B4) button. - Modified: The menu item "Diagram without Programming" does not temporarily change the "use unused inputs" setting. - Modified: Better version of the "SICOLOG/SICO3/USBDL1 display". V1.0.74.0 ========= - New: Additional GPS signals are calculated (such as acceleration, distance and slope) for SICOLOG/SICO3/USBDL1. - New: Timeout filter, and timeout for OBD signals. - Modified: The OBD auto detection has been changed from combined OBD-II/WWH-OBD to separate OBD-II/WWH-OBD. - Modified: New display item type (source value as bar display) for SICOLOG/SICO3/USBDL1. - Modified: Better version of the SICOLOG/SICO3/USBDL1 display. - Bugfix: The filters did not work as expected when also OBD signals were defined. V1.0.73.0 ========= - Modified: The SICOLOG/SICO3/USBDL1 display items now support sample rate and memory usage. - Modified: Better version of SICOLOG/SICO3/USBDL1 display. V1.0.72.0 ========= - New: Support for USBDL1 / USBDL1 FD / USBDL1 A16. - New: New LED output for the SICOLOG/SICO3 L4 LED / USBDL1 USER LED. - New: SICOLOG/SICO3/USBDL1 display - Bugfix: The CAN export of TEMES files was wrong in V1.0.71 and is now working correctly. - Bugfix: The calibrate signals form works now with activated unused input signals and with DT_... signals for SICOLOG/SICO3/USBDL1. V1.0.71.0 ========= - New: Support for CAN FD of a SICOLOG/SICO3 (with FD option). V1.0.70.0 ========= - Modified: The GPS items of a SICOLOG/SICO3 do now support the NMEA ZDA sentence (UTC date and time). V1.0.69.0 ========= - New: Support for detection of encrypted SICOLOG USB sticks. (The standard version of TEMES, and the standard SICOLOG do not support the SICOLOG encryption.) V1.0.68.0 ========= - Bugfix: SICOLOG measurements with multiple configurations are now recognized correctly. V1.0.67.0 ========= - New: Table editor. V1.0.66.0 ========= - Modified: OBD editing and filter editing for SICOLOG/SICO3. Additional ExParameter settings for SICOLOG/SICO3: "OBDRateRatio" which describes the n-th OBD active cycle of the calculations, "OBDRepetitions" which describes the number of OBD protocol tests before the next protocol is tested, and "FloatLin" which (when enabled) switches to floating point operations for the Op04 (linear transform). - Modified: The DL16K clutch events are now no longer supported within the German GUI. Please use the English TEMES version or an older TEMES version instead. V1.0.65.0 ========= - Modified: A void set of parameters is now transferred to a SICOLOG/SICO3 device prior a parameter set (for firmware >=V1.0.24). V1.0.64.0 ========= - Modified: The time adjustment of a SICOLOG/SICO3 device has been replaced by an application which supports both COM ports and USB sticks. - Modified: The time zone is optionally refreshed in the USB stick dialog boxes (or more precisely in the mass storage dialog boxes). V1.0.63.0 ========= - Modified: On x64 systems, the sample cache is as large as the file size if possible. - Bugfix: A rarely occurring read exception during displaying a chart curve has been fixed. V1.0.62.0 ========= - Modified: The SICOLOG/SICO3 floating point display is more flexible concerning the output text. - Bugfix: The size of the online recording was wrongly limited too much on x64 systems. The check of available physical memory is now turned off on x64 systems for limiting the online recording size. - Bugfix: Display items with a signed CAN/LIN signal source had a wrong offset for SICOLOG/SICO3. V1.0.61.0 ========= - Bugfix: The display of the recordings and the timestamps were eventually wrong when the time unit was different from seconds. V1.0.60.0 ========= - New: SICOLOG/SICO3 configurations editor. - New: Keyboard shortcuts for fast switching of the time unit (seconds, minutes, hours, days). V1.0.59.0 ========= - New: Support for the signal converter SICO3 V1.0. V1.0.58.0 ========= - New: Pulse width measurement for the first three digital channels of the SICOLOG. - Modified: The TEMES online help has been rewritten. V1.0.57.0 ========= - Bugfix: The online chart without programming also works for non-SICOLOG devices. - Bugfix: The name for further AutoCalc measurement blocks is now "AutoCalc". V1.0.56.0 ========= - New: SICOLOG has a new parameter tree node "LIN" V1.0.55.0 ========= - New: The automatic calculation of certain signals after reading out a measurement can be disabled via menu item "Tools" > "Disable AutoCalc". - Bugfix: The automatic calculation after reading out a measurement was triggered under certain circumstances despite there was nothing to calculate. V1.0.54.0 ========= - Modified: During programming the corresponding ports were occasionally not freed. This bug is fixed. V1.0.53.0 ========= - Modified: Integration of ED12 V1.1.0 instead of ED12 V1.0.0. ED12 V1.1.0 supports signed SICOLOG signals, optionally no averaging, and automatic number of decimals. V1.0.52.0 ========= - New: Integration of the software for the external display ED12. - New: Support for the listen-only-mode of the SICOLOG's CAN modules. This mode is activated with the following entry in the device comment and presumes a SICOLOG firmware of at least V1.0.7: [ExParameters] Can0ListenOnlyMode=1 Can1ListenOnlyMode=1 V1.0.51.0 ========= - New: Overly large SICOLOG parameter sets can now also be transmitted serially. This feature works only for SICOLOG V1.0.6 or newer. - Modified: Treatment of SICOLOG measurement files during a transfer of a parameter set onto a USB stick. - Bugfix: Now, the block size of SICOLOG files during the transfer via the serial interface has been again reduced (for better handling of transmission errors). - New: The beginning, end and cursor position(s) are now marked at the exported path during export to Google Earth. - New: Display of the real time of the view's beginning and the view's end in the status bar. - New: New keyboard assignment in diagram view if no cursor is visible, and if the time is selected as x axis (Then, a new recording always starts with a new timestamp): Page up: Display of the previous recording. Page Down: Display of the next recording. Ctrl+Home: Display of the first complete recording. Ctrl+End: Display of the last complete recording. Home: Movement to the beginning of the current recording. End: Movement to the end of the current recording. Shift+Home: Movement to the beginning of the first recording. Shift+End: Movement to the end of the last recording. V1.0.50.0 ========= - Bugfix: The modul TE_TOOL1.DLL was differently included in TEMES. V1.0.49.0 ========= - Bugfix: Now, the block size of SICOLOG files during the transfer via the serial interface has been reduced (for better handling of transmission errors). V1.0.48.0 ========= - New: For SICOLOG parameter sets, during a transfer, if the generated CONFIG.TSF is greater than 64 KB, the corresponding TEMES parameter set is no longer embedded but copied separately as CONFIG.TMS. Unfortunately, those parameter sets cannot be transferred via a serial connection. If necessary, F9 has to be used for online parameter view. - New: The device comment of parameter sets for SICOLOG V1.0.5 or newer can be used to activate the additional averaging of analog inputs: [ExParameters] AIAvg=1 V1.0.47.0 ========= - Bugfix: Now, the mapping to request bytes of the f6 protocol works correctly for complex parameter sets. V1.0.46.0 ========= - New: Mapping of the signal addresses to request bytes of the buffered serial f6 protocol for SICOLOG V1.0.4 or newer. New TEMES device comment variable "F6Map": [ExParameters] F6Map=SignalName#1,SignalName#2,SignalName#3 Mapping of the signal names to request bytes: SignalName#1 -> 0x80, SignalName#2 -> 0x81, Signalname#3 -> 0x82. - New: Up to 16 serial input signals for SICOLOG V1.0.4 or newer. For this purpose the GPS signals must be turned off, the slider on the SICOLOG's bottom must be switched (or the jumper in the inside of the SICOLOG must be switched), and the following TEMES device comment variables must be definied: [ExParameters] SIBaudrate=57600 SITimeout=500 SIMode=4 SICount=3 SI0=0x80,SignalName#1,2 SI1=0x81,SignalName#2 SI2=0x82,SignalName#3 SIBaudrate: baud rate in bps; SITimeout: timeout in msec; SIMode: 1 - f6 protocol, 2 - f6 protocol with zero signal on timeout, 3 - f6 protocol with checksum, 4 - f6 protocol with checksum and zero signal on timeout or checksum error; SICount: Number of the following signal definitions; SI: request byte, signal name of an already definied TEMES calculation constant, optionally signal size in bytes. V1.0.45.0 ========= - Bugfix: Calculated signals, operation #19 (delay) did not work as expected for CFDL1/SICOLOG. V1.0.44.0 ========= - New: Optional asynchronous sample rate for the recording of online signals for SICOLOG V1.0.3 or newer. The asynchronous sample rate is taken as the next integer multiple of the fast sample rate. V1.0.43.0 ========= - Bugfix: A signal which was recorded during both the fast cycle and the slow cycle, was for the SICOLOG always refreshed with the slow sample rate instead of the fast sample rate. This error is fixed. V1.0.42.0 ========= - New: Menu item for recovery of marked as deleted SICOLOG measurements on the USB stick. - Bugfix: After storing a SICOLOG measurement from the USB stick into a TEMES file, it was up to now impossible to "eject" the USB stick. - Bugfix: The TEMES device manager removes not connected ports, and displays these ports after a program reset as not connected. V1.0.41.0 ========= - Bugfix: Sometimes the timestamp of the first sample was swallowed for CFDL1 measurements at read out time. This error is fixed. V1.0.40.0 ========= - Visibility of the write speed for SICOLOG parameter sets in the cycle definition view. V1.0.39.0 ========= - Bugfix: During calibration of the SICOLOG, all signals to be recorded were reset with the effect that an autarc recording was not possible. (Remedy: a repeat programming of the parameter set). This bug is fixed. V1.0.38.0 ========= - Automatic switch of the serial port up to 230400 baud for SICOLOG devices. - Online chart without programming (which allows a chart view of live signals during an autarc measurement). - Automatic cutting of SICOLOG measurements during reading out from a USB stick. The files are cut at a timestamp from 400 MB onwards. When no timestamp is found, the file is cut at 500 MB at the latest. A new additional timestamp for the first sample is mentioned in the variables. V1.0.37.0 ========= - Complete support for the signal converter and data logger SICOLOG. Only the first 4,294,967,296 samples are transfered during reading out. The reading out of the SICOLOG only works via mass media (= USB stick). - Bugfix: There was a memory size error at reading out CFDL1 measurements. V1.0.36.0 ========= - Support for the signal converter part of the SICOLOG. V1.0.35.0 ========= - Minimum required OS is Windows XP. - List & Label 19 instead of List & Label 14. - The Tellert Device Manager now detects COM1 to COM256 automatically.