TEMES Software



TEMES is an application (for Windows XP or newer) which allows you to setup devices like SICOLOG, SICOLOG FD, SICO3, SICO3 FD, USBDL1, USBDL1 FD, USBDL1 G, USBDL1 A16, SICO2B, CFDL1 and DL16CAN. In parameter view, there is a tree structure with the device property names on the left hand side, and the property contents on the right hand side. Once the properties are defined, the properties need to be programmed to be available on the device.

TEMES chart

After a measurement has been read out with TEMES, it can be viewed as a line diagram. The lines are drawn in the upper part of the window, and the slots with the signal names are displayed in the lower part of the window.


Download for Restrictive Environments

When you cannot install TEMES (due to missing administrative privileges), then you can run the virtual TEMES version (= vTEMES) with a few restrictions.

Run Time Library TIL_TMS.DLL

The run time library TIL_TMS.DLL can be used to import TEMES measurement files in external programs. It comes with examples in C, C++, C# and Visual Basic .NET for accessing TEMES measurement files. There are also converter programs into text format, MDF3 format, Octave/Matlab compatible M file format, Scilab SCE file format, Julia compatible JL file format and R file format included which are based on TIL_TMS.DLL.


The .NET4 application TemesDirectories can be used to view/change the TEMES directories. And the .NET4 application KML-Fixer can be used to correct the KML file association.

Older TEMES versions