Data Logger CFDL1


Data Logger CFDL1

The data logger CFDL1 has the ability to acquire sig­nals from its voltage inputs, digital inputs (i.e. fre­quency signals), serial input (i.e. GPS-receiver) and logical signal input, and to save these signals onto a CF card (with max. 4 GB). Additionally the CFDL1 can also acquire signals from up to two CANs (Controller Area Network).

Before using the data logger, it must first be set up by defining a parameter set with the PC program TEMES (requires a PC with a CF card reader and Windows XP or better), and then by copying this parameter to a CF card. After the CF card has been inserted into the CFDL1, and after making the mea­surement, the CF card can be put again into a CF card reader, and the stored data can be written to a PC file for further processing.



  • Availability: The CFDL1 is no longer suppliable.
  • Adjustment of the real time clock: The CFDL1 must be connected via a USB cable with a type B plug (and not with the virtual COM port USBSER). Then, there must be a parameter set running on the CFDL1 (meaning a CF card with a valid parameter set is inserted in the CFDL1). The synchronize process is then started with TEMES > Tools > Additional Tools > Hardware > Set CFDL1 real time clock.
  • CF card initialization: The initialization of a CF card is done with TEMES > Tools > Additional Tools > Hardware > Initialize CF card (CFDL1).

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