Thermocouple Amplifier TH1M and TH2M

TH1M and TH2M

Thermocouple Amplifier TH1M and TH2M

The one channel amplifier TH1M outputs one voltage which is proportional to the connected type K thermo­couple's temperature. The dual channel amplifier TH2M outputs two voltages which are proportional according to the connected two type K thermocouple's tempera­tures.

The amplifiers amplify the voltage difference which is caused by the difference between the thermocouple’s tempera­ture and the amplifier's temperature. The ampli­fier's temperature is internally mea­sured and the output signal is correspondingly compen­sated.

There are 3 temperature ranges:

Range 1: -25 °C ... 1150 °C (4 mV/°C)

Range 2: -40 °C ... 430 °C (10 mV/°C)

Range 3: -45 °C ... 190 °C (20 mV/°C)