GPS Receivers HS10G and HS16G/HS16H

HS10G and HS16G/HS16H

GPS Receivers HS10G and HS16G

The HS10G/HS16G box processes the NMEA sentences VTG and GGA of the integrated GPS receiver unit. Beside the se­rial NMEA output (with 115200 baud), it additionally pro­vides the horizontal speed, driving direction, height, po­sition, lon­gitudinal acceleration, angular speed, traverse acceleration, slope angle, curve radius, total accelera­tion and quality of the GPS measurement data via a three-line display, via a voltage output, via a fre­quency output and via a CAN bus, where interpolated values are used to output the corrected speed, the acquired acceleration and the driven distance every 20 ms. Fur­thermore, driving performance measurements can be made directly.



GPS Receiver HS16H

The HS16H box is equal (but the display) to a HS16G box. The 12-column display of the HS16G was replaced by a 16-column display.







HS10G and ED13 Video

The ED13 display is no longer deliverable. Its successor, the DDD1, can be used instead.


  • Availability: The HS10G and HS16G are no longer deliverable. The successor, the HS16H (optionally programmed to 10 Hz update rate instead of 60 ms), can be used instead.